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7 Minutes For Complete Back Pain Relief

Back pain is very normal.According to an research,About 50% people have suffered one or two times back pain in their daily life. Back pain affect our life and work. People are struggling how to get rid of it and bring our life back to normal.
Today,AINICS introduce an easy excercise for back pain relief. It’s very simple to learn and practise.You can do it 7 minutes everyday.After few days, you will get rid of back pain.

Chinese TuiNa massage – traditional Chinese massage therapy

What is TuiNa massage?  Chinese TuiNa massage is Originated in China in 2300 B.C. It is the oldest Chinese massage therapy system of massage. In the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, It is one of the five major therapies of the time. And It has remained an organized and systematically developed system of massage since that time. In China, TuiNa massage is…